About Pisces

Pisces – Intuition and dreams
Here we have the dreamer of the Zodiac. The Pisces mind is deep and creative. They just look in to your eyes and seem to know everything about you, but don’t worry, they are shockproof. There is not much in this world that will shock this sign, they have such a deep understanding for the human nature and this is one of the reasons they are very good psychologists both professionally and privately. Sometimes they may get carried away in daydreams, especially if reality becomes too much to handle. They do have a tendency to escape when they feel threatened because their hearts are very vulnerable and soft. But it is the heart of a Pisces that also is the strength of this sign, you may have to search for long to find such a kind spirit always ready to help out in times of crisis. Their intuition is very strong and you find many pshycics and mediums born in this sign.

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