About Aries

Aries – Energy and inspiration
During the years I have been fascinated by the power of this sign. There is a great strength deep within Aries. Nothing is impossible for you, you actually love to prove to the world that anything is possible. You fear nothing else but failure and what you fear, you go after, like a soldier prepared to fight. You often find yourself falling in love with someone with a strong mind of their own and since you will never accept to be anything but a leader, there may be a great deal of power struggle in your love life. Surprisingly this just exites you even more since there is nothing better than a great power struggle to get your heart beating faster. You will not tolerate violence or insults but a highly verbal and intellectual partner that knows the art of debate is the type you prefer. There is something very appealing with this sign and it is the honest approach combined with a great sense of style that makes you one of the most attractive signs. Be careful for your tendency to be a bit naive and the rest will work out just fine, but I guess you already know that….

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