Easter holidays

Easter Holidays
horse1small3I took a couple of days off for Easter. First of all I want to thank everyone who was showed such an interest in my site. I try to answer your questions as fast as possible, the mailbox has been full lately so be patient dear customers and readers! I started my weekend in with a trip to Berlin and when I came back home I went to my favourite stable to meet the lovely horses. I got to know a new horse named Neolait, a beautiful cream coloured gentleman with lots of charm. He was very funny and expressive. I had a good laugh as he was tickeling me with his nose as you may see on the pictures to the left. I have always been very fond of horses. Quoted from the site: theearthangelconnection.com about animal symbolism: “When we come across certain animals in our lives it can be an indication that they are put in our path to give us messages from Spirit about what it is that we need to focus on in ouhorsejumping1r personal healing at that moment in time.”  Furter on the site said about the symbolic meaning of the horse: travel, freedom and personal power. Personal power is our servant, to be neither abused, squandered, nor kept to ourselves. When we share our power with others and teach them how to nurture their own power, our journey becomes faster and more joyful.  It teaches us to travel forward on new journeys to discover our own power and freedom.

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