About Aquarius

Aquarius – The sign of the future
You are the futuristic sign with your modern ideas and different thinking. It is hard to get to know an Aquarius at start because they may act and think like no one else you ever met before. They love to surprise you and fill their lives with new experiences because they do not like to follow a certain path. They are very friendly and are always there to help a friend in need. Their ruler Uranus is an unpredictable planet and this makes the Aquarian quite unpredictable and sometimes caught in dramatic situations. At times the Aquarian needs time to be alone and think and if you try to reach them at this moment they will give you that far away look and you will know that it is best to let them come to you once they feel ready to face the world again. It is not always easy to understand how an Aquarian thinks but this is something they like, they do not want you to know everything about them and this makes them one of the most mysterious signs of the Zodiac.

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