Tempel in Hong Kong

The Tempel in Hong Kong
I visited a Tempel in Hong Kong a couple of weeks ago. It was an interesting experience. The Tempel was filled with the smell of incents. There were hundrends of insents burning at the same time. The Tempel was beautiful and I followed the instructions of a nice man to have my future told through shaking a cup of sticks until one of them falls down on the ground. The stick has a number and the kind man gave me a paper with a message written on it. The message was indeed magical since it contained the name of a very important person who wanted to tell me something…alvahong21The message I recived was something that gave me inspiration to find other ways than the ones I already use to read the future. Although the ways to read the future is different depending on culture, the search is the same. I also had the opportunity to talk to a nice lady at the temple who taught me more about the Chinese signs and how to, as my sign is the Tiger, make the best of my year. I was in Hong Kong with two Oxes and it went suprisingly well although the Ox and the Tiger are not supposed to get along very well!!

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