About Scorpio

Scorpio – Passion and determination
There are a lot of things said about Scorpio and most of it is true but some things are not mentioned that often. The first thing is that although a Scorpio may be jealous and revengeful the Scorpio heart is very varm and sensitive. A Scorpio who is angry is someone who is just living out his/her hurt. They may be good at covering a wounded heart, but that’s what it is: a wounded heart longing to heal. To be loved by a Scorpio is to be posessed, protected and alive. There is nothing mediocre, it’s all or nothing. Family is very important for Scorpio along with close friends, if anyone ever hurts them in any way, you can be sure that Scorpio will defend and get even because there is nothing more important to a Scorpio than the wellbeing of loved ones, this makes Scorpio one of the most loyal signs.

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