Scorpio – How do you know they are interested in you?

Don’t play with fire if you’re afraid of getting burned
scorpio You will know if a Scorpio has developed an interest in you. You will see it, feel it and even maybe fear it. If you are the type that prefers a more subtle approach in love I suggest that you find another sign. If you like intensity, passion and fire, then you found the right sign. A Scorpio will magnetize you with their eyes and make sure you got the message. If you’re playing hard to get they will ignore you until you get worried, they like games but to a certain extent. If they feel that you are playing a bit too much they will give you a look that is colder than Siberia and dissapear without a trace. Play is good but do it with style and respect, that makes them even more interested. But beware of the fire once it’s burning, no other sign is able to turn a fire from good to bad if they get hurt. Good luck…

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