Astrologiska frågor – fråga 1

I’m interested to know how this Virgo mans mind work. What are his thoughts about love and relationships?
Kind regards

Hi Marie,
A Virgo man might not be the easiest sign to handle in matters of love… They tend to be controlled and in need of order in a way that might put you in a state of not knowing what they want. They will hide their intentions if they have been hurt and you will not be allowed to have a clue that they want. I am aware that this might not be something you read in the books about this sign yet still I find this to be a fact. Virgo men are attracted by intelligence, independence and strength and there is hardly any compromise when it comes to these traits, either you have them or you don’t. A person who wants to come close to a Virgo man will need to keep their feet on the ground or at least have a very strong mind of their own. The problem might be that Virgo men attract very stubborn people and as this is a very fixed and strong headed sign and they might find it difficult to handle the person they are attracted to. My advice is to be strong yet very laid back when involved with this sign because the more he is interested in you, the more he will struggle to not show it until you do and until he feels that he can trust you. You will have to adjust if you at some points and if you are a very string minded person, just convince yourself that you do it for the best for the relationship which probably is the case with this stubborn sign. If he trusts you then you might end up with a very fascinating person that has a lot to give physically and mentally