Virgo – How do you know they are interested in you?

Virgos may surprise you more than you thought they would…
virgo Let’s start the month by taking a closer look at the different starsigns and how to detect if they are interested in getting to know you more than just a friend. I will start off with Virgo since they are the ones born this time of the year. The first thing that I have seen with Virgos is that in love they actually are much more dynamic and could sometimes be mistaken for a fire sign. They know what they like and have usually very specific demands in love. If you spend more than 5 minutes talking to a Virgo it will be pretty obvious if they find you interesting or not. In general you do not need to spend a lot of time with them before they start to talk about what they like and dislike then you just figure out which category you would put yourself in, the likes or dislikes. If you fit in to the category with things that a Virgo likes then you will not have to do anything, just wait. They will make a sudden move that will remove all doubt. This is an earth sign but as I said, in love they may easily be mistaken for a fire sign and this due to their sudden passionate moves.

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