To do things the opposite way

Looking at things in a different way will change your perspective in life. Apply that on every day life, especially on things you don’t like or cannot change and it will change. The power of the mind is the power you got so use for the best. Here comes an interesting interpetation of the Tarot card ‘The hanged man’ from:
On a divinatory level, Prometheus, the Hanged Man, augurs the need for a voluntary sacrifice for the purpose of acquiring something of greater value. This might be the sacrifice of an external thing which has previously provided security, in the hope that some potential can be given room to develop. Or it can be the sacrifice of a cherished attitude, such as intellectual superiority, or unforgiving hatred, or a stubborn pursuit of some unobtainable fantasy. Thus the Fool responds to the challenge of the turning of the Wheel with a willingness to put his trust in the unseen workings of the unconscious, and waits – often with fear and anxiety – in the hope of a new and better life.
Meaning: A temporary pause in life. Go with the flow and accept changes as they occur. Cultivate patience. Perhaps you have to sacrifice something for something greater to be gained. Rarely, the Hanged Man can mean. Rarely, the Hanged Man can mean illness. You may feel you are walking a tight-rope for a while because events around you will make you feel very uncertain. This time can be frustrating or it can be used to gain greater contentment – the Hanged Man reminds us that our attitude influences every outcome. Logic and sense have flown out the window and you need more news and opinions before making any decisions. If you want to move forward in any area of your life, use this time to examine what you may need to sacrifice in order to go ahead. It is a time to shake u your beliefs, abandon your conventions and throw caution to the wind. What will happen next may surprise you. Appears during times when you have been forced to “sacrifice” as a result, lost something of value. Often, when we are mourning, we need time to grieve before we go on. This is not a time to make decisions – the best course of action is to welcome this rest and accept that waiting is necessary.