1700’s Resto with mysterious company

This weekend I travelled back in time by visiting an old restaurant from the 1700’s. Wow, the ambience was really like stepping in to a new world. Old places like that have so much history and all the stories are deeply rooted in those wooden walls. Basically I stepped in to a time machine.  Unfortunately their menu had most of the things I’d never eat like Foie Gras, Pork feet, Veal brain and other similar dishes that are considered as food (!) but the time travel made it all worth the visit. I just had to find the least repelling dish which definitely was the fish. The lights were nicely soft and dimmed. The colours were warm and welcoming. My mysterious company was also very pleasant, wonder who was hiding behind that mask..sometimes hiding oneself gives more out to people about you expect, maybe I should tell him that?? Next restaurant will be my favourite Thailandese again where both food and ambience are top ten and I’ll ask the man behind the mask to join me of course.

To be continued shortly….until then, take care and don’t forget to spoil yourself with a nice dinner:)