About Taurus

Taurus – Will of steel and heart of gold
Dear Taurus, you enjoy life and life enjoys having you . You are a friend of nature and what it has to offer. The word pleasure is not a stranger and you just know how to make the best dinners, choose the tastiest wines and decorate the most beautiful homes. If life has treated you badly you will be slow to forget and cautious like few. It is better to stay friends with you because if trust is once broken, you will hide your heart for ages. The otherwise tough and brave Taurean sometimes finds love to be confusing and a bit scary. In love the tough shell that usually surrounds you is blown away and there you stand, totally uncovered for the threats of actually being vulnerable for once. Once you love, you usually love for life, things may change but you will always be there when a friend or a lover needs you. You are loyal like few and one can always count on you to show up in a time of crisis. You can be a bit slow and sometimes a bit lazy but this is often something people learn to accept because changing you is like trying to move a mountain.

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