Pisces – How do yo know they are interested in you?

Shyness and magic
pisces This sign is quite shy in general but especially in matters of love they seem to get extra nervous whenever that special someone appears in their lives. Softness, compassion, admiration and support are all signs of a Pisces in love. This is a very romantic sign and there is a special mystery that surrounds them. If a Pisces is interested in you then they do not have to do more than just to display a bit more of their personality because here we have one of the most attractive signs of them all. They have a deepness in their eyes and a heart full of love. Mystery and softness all combined makes this is a natural seducer, without them always even being aware of it. To find out whether it is love or just friendship a Piscean feels, just take a dive in to those eyes and you will find out for sure…

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