My Astrological observations – opposites attract?

There is a lot of information to be found about opposites in Astrology and whether it is a good combination or not to be born in the opposite signs. My personal experience is that it often is very accurate when they say that your opposite sign is a sign that you automatically are drawn to. There is something very refreshing with opposites. There is a sparkle when opposites meet. It is rarely neutral and it might either be explosive in a positive way and sometimes in a negative way of course. Often two opposite signs of the same sex can end up becoming competetive rather than getting along and the battle can be long and draining. If you are caught up in a heavy battle with your opposite sign, blame it on the stars! There is also intense passion and true love found in opposites. Many couples are born in opposite signs. So it is really true that opposite signs can lead to either love or war. If you are a person who likes to live life to the fullest with a lot of fire and spice, then you should find your opposite. Here is a list of the oppsite signs:

Aries – Libra
Aries loves the coolness of Libra and Libra loves the Aries energy and charisma. The Libra might think that Aries is too blunt or restless and the Aries might think that Libra is too diplomatic and not direct. Truth is that their energy levels differ a lot and sometimes it brings harmony as well as disharmony.

Taurus – Scorpio
Taurus feels that Scorpio has something mysterious and passionate about them and Scorpio likes Taurus because they are honest and real. Taurus might think that the Scorpio is way too dominant and Scorpio might think that Taurus is too stubborn. Truth is that both can be dominant and stubborn but regarding different things in life.

Gemini – Sagittarius
Gemini thinks that the Sagittarian is fascinating and interesting. Sagittarians love the fact that Geminis have so much to talk about. Geminis might think that the Sagittarian temper and the tendency to overreact is too much and Sagittarians might criticize Geminis many different interests as a lack of true goals. Truth is that they both might find it difficult to finalize goals although they got plenty of them.

Cancer – Capricorn
Cancer feels that Capricorn is strong and loyal and Capricorn feels that Cancer is soft and loving. Cancer might feel that Capricorn is too tough and stubborn and Capricorn might feel that Cancer is easily hurt and nagging. Truth is that Capricorn can be too tough and Cancer is often easily hurt!

Leo – Aquarius
Leos feel that Aquarians are fresh and modern and Aquarians love the presence and charisma of Leos. Aquarians might end up thinking that Leos are way too dominant and Leos might feel that Aquarians do not appreciate them as much as they should. Truth is that these two signs are very different because Aquarians focus on everyone and Leos on theirselves but they both are fascinating.

Virgo – Pisces
Virgo finds the tenderness of a Piscean to be very charming and Pisces feels very safe with the strong Virgo. Pisces might feel that the Virgo is insensitive and cold and Virgo might get irritated because the Pisces is easily hurt and dreamy. Truth is that Virgos like to communicate with words and Pisces with feelings, there might be some trouble to understand each others languages…

By: Alva