Lost and found

The return of the detective

sherlieback Yes he is back. Today when I was outside I thought I heard him vaguely calling several times from a specific direction but there actually was no noise. I have actually not felt so worried and he visited me in my dream when I asked him to do so. It is hard to track down a cat who is moving all the time but I just did not feel worried. As I was working today I suddenly felt an irritating presence of someone behind me and I could not focus on work I had to turn around several times to make sure that there was no one. But as I did the phone rang and it was a man telling me that he has a cat at his home that looks like the one on the posters that I had put up in the area. And yes it was Sherlock, a bit dirty and much more tired than usual. Now he has to visit the vet to make sure that he is fine. He seems to be ok though and he does not leave me out of sight. I will let him sleep on my working chair tonight, the one we usually fight over. And yes, the direction I heard him calling for me in my head was the place where he was found.

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