Inlägg av Sophia – String a garland of marigold

garlandofmarigoldsophiaDear readers,
String a garland of marigold above your door to keep evil from entering home. •bury vervain around your house and in your house plants -wealth will flow and the plants will thrive. • Carry a bag of Orris root to attract love. • Drink rosebud tea before bed to induce prophetic dreams. The basis of herb magic -and all magic- is the power. This power has won many names in forms through the centuries. At times even its existence was kept secret; at others it was common knowledge. The power is that which generated and maintains the universe. It is the power that germinates seeds, raises winds and spins or planet. It is the energy behind birth, life and death. Everything in the universe was created by it, contains a bit of it, and is answerable to it. In other words the power is the life force, the stuff of creation. It is the very substance of existence itself. The power as I see it has no name. It has been deified and anthropomorphised into a thousand thousand gods and goddesses spirits Demons and other unearthly beings. it has been only partially explained in the terms of science which today is still ‘discovering’ some of its aspects. ••• Definition: magic is the practice of causing change through the use of powers as yet not defined or accepted by science.”