Inlägg av Sophia – to love the “wrong” person

SophiaBench1Dear readers,
You may love the “wrong” person but eventually that wrong person, when you choose to realise it, thought you to find the right one and that will be the reason why you love them. Our hearts heal, but just as breaking a bone makes you timid upon recovery, the same goes for our hearts. We will recover but the way we will do things will be different: guarded, cautious. The memories of a love that mattered never fade away, but one day the tears will be replaced by smiles and missing them will simply turn into being thankful for them. In a Twin flames relationship you realise that the love you’ve felt before was far from true.. it was lust, it was need, or any conditions and co-dependant behaviours. You needed to go through those relationships in order to clear that “mud “ and rise . /Sophia