Bland mina första inlägg här på sidan från 2009 – Astrologi

Aries – Energy and inspiration
During the years I have been fascinated by the power of this sign. There is a great strength deep within Aries. Nothing is impossible for you, you actually love to prove to the world that anything is possible. You fear nothing else but failure and what you fear, you go after, like a soldier prepared to fight. You often find yourself falling in love with someone with a strong mind of their own and since you will never accept to be anything but a leader, there may be a great deal of power struggle in your love life. Surprisingly this just exites you even more since there is nothing better than a great power struggle to get your heart beating faster. You will not tolerate violence or insults but a highly verbal and intellectual partner that knows the art of debate is the type you prefer. There is something very appealing with this sign and it is the honest approach combined with a great sense of style that makes you one of the most attractive signs. Be careful for your tendency to be a bit naive and the rest will work out just fine, but I guess you already know that….

Taurus – Will of steel and heart of gold
Dear Taurus, you enjoy life and life enjoys having you . You are a friend of nature and what it has to offer. The word pleasure is not a stranger and you just know how to make the best dinners, choose the tastiest wines and decorate the most beautiful homes. If life has treated you badly you will be slow to forget and cautious like few. It is better to stay friends with you because if trust is once broken, you will hide your heart for ages. The otherwise tough and brave Taurean sometimes finds love to be confusing and a bit scary. In love the tough shell that usually surrounds you is blown away and there you stand, totally uncovered for the threats of actually being vulnerable for once. Once you love, you usually love for life, things may change but you will always be there when a friend or a lover needs you. You are loyal like few and one can always count on you to show up in a time of crisis. You can be a bit slow and sometimes a bit lazy but this is often something people learn to accept because changing you is like trying to move a mountain.

Gemini – A fast thinker with lots of friends
As a Gemini, you certainly never run out of words. You express yourself easily, both verbally and in writing. There is something very pleasant with you, a special kind of charm that is hard to resist. Your mind is fast and your ability to memorize things is close to genius. It may be difficult for you to say no at times and since your friends are many, you may promise too much than you can keep. You always want to learn new things and go to places where pace is high. You are certainly not the one who stays at home, well maybe if you just bought Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit because you love board games. The way you express yourself is very friendly and your friends always want to have you around. It is very important for you to be active and keep your body and mind busy, otherwise you tend to get nervous. You are always ready to learn something new, therefore you never seem to run out of topics to talk about.

Cancer – Sensitivity is your strength
You love to be at home and to feel secure. You can not let a matter rest until it is solved, regardless if it's about an empty fridge, bills that have not been payed or a conflict with your loved ones. There is something very soft and friendly with you that makes people feel relaxed and at ease in your company. You do have your moods and when a dark cloud enters your mind you tend to make sure that every one knows how you feel. When it comes to love you can be the warmest partner ever but if your feelings are hurt, you return in to your shell and stay out of reach until they beg for forgiveness. This is just a defence mechanism since your inside is so soft and vulnerable for hurt. Family and loved ones are lucky to have you around, they will be protected and cared for in the most sincere way. You are deeply emotional and intuitive.

Leo – Proud and charismatic
Here we have sign that loves attention. Even if you meet the shy type you can be pretty sure that attention is something that Leo longs for. They like to lead and seem always to have an answer to any question asked. A lion is the great protector of family and loved ones. It is true that they are quite dominant and yes they do mostly think that their way is the best way but on the other hand you can always count on a Lion to be there when you need them. They have a charisma and warmth that is contagious. The positive energy that a Lio expresses is one of a kind and makes us feel comfortable just like the sun on a hot summer day.

Virgo – The "Perfectionist"
It is known that Virgos are perfectionists but this is only partially true because you may for example find the Virgo home to be quite messy but his/her dvd:s to be in perfect alphabetical order and the coffee cups in a strict row. The thing with Virgo is that they choose some areas that they think are important in life. Once the choises are made, nothing can stop them from fulfilling this certain goal, whether it is about career, love or health. A Virgo will never be neutral about the things that are important for him/her. Although this is an earth sign, there is a lot passion hidden behind that controlled surface. This is a highly intelligent sign and the combination of intellect and passion gives Virgo the ability to reach almost any goal they have set.

Libra – The Sociable Perfectionist"
There is something very classy with Libra and it is not only the way they dress or what kind of  restaurants they choose. If you study them a bit closer you can see a softness and grace that surrounds them. You could easily think that this sign is the kind of person who follows more than leads but you could not be more wrong. Behind that diplomatic surface you will find an individualist and a career oriented person. What is quite contrary to this is that although Libras have a strong will, they do not always know what they want and this may cause some frustration. A Libra who has made a decision is balanced and the one who still does not know what to choose may drift away from reality at times in order to find an answer. They are very sociable and friends mean a lot to them. Through socializing they get closer to the answers they seak.

Scorpio – Passion and determination
There are a lot of things said about Scorpio and most of it is true but some things are not mentioned that often. The first thing is that although a Scorpio may be jealous and revengeful the Scorpio heart is very varm and sensitive. A Scorpio who is angry is someone who is just living out his/her hurt. They may be good at covering a wounded heart, but that's what it is: a wounded heart longing to heal. To be loved by a Scorpio is to be posessed, protected and alive. There is nothing mediocre, it's all or nothing. Family is very important for Scorpio along with close friends, if anyone ever hurts them in any way, you can be sure that Scorpio will defend and get even because there is nothing more important to a Scorpio than the wellbeing of loved ones, this makes Scorpio one of the most loyal signs.

Sagittarius – Adventure is everything
A Sagittarius who has settled down is a rare sight. I do not mean that a Sagittarian can not live an every day life with family and a spouse, but if you take a closer look at him/her, you will see that far away look in their eyes. They are full of ideas and dreams. This is the magic of the sign, you will not feel bored with a Sag because they will always take you to places you never been and talk about things you have not thought about. They are aiming for more. A bit restless? Yes they are, but once they feel that acceptance from you, they will always take you along on the journey, because that's exacly what it is to know a Sagittarius: a never ending journey full of adventure.

Capricorn – Ambition undercover
Yes, Capricorn is ambitious and determined to reach their goals but they are not always so obvious as it is written in the books. You may find Capricorns that speak openly about their goals but this is still a rare sight. A Capricorn knows how to proceed in most situations. They do not like surprises because surprises may mean loosing control and this is something they get nervous of. Every step they take is usually directed to a certain direction that is already set. Capricorns are quite calculative and know how to reach the top but they always get stuck in delays. The delay may be that they are far too self critical and not willing to take risks. Though in the end the one on the top is a Capricorn and once there, they can relax and let their otherwise serious minds take a risk or two.

Aquarius – The sign of the future
You are the futuristic sign with your modern ideas and different thinking. It is hard to get to know an Aquarius at start because they may act and think like no one else you ever met before. They love to surprise you and fill their lives with new experiences because they do not like to follow a certain path. They are very friendly and are always there to help a friend in need. Their ruler Uranus is an unpredictable planet and this makes the Aquarian quite unpredictable and sometimes caught in dramatic situations. At times the Aquarian needs time to be alone and think and if you try to reach them at this moment they will give you that far away look and you will know that it is best to let them come to you once they feel ready to face the world again. It is not always easy to understand how an Aquarian thinks but this is something they like, they do not want you to know everything about them and this makes them one of the most mysterious signs of the Zodiac.

Pisces – Intuition and dreams
Here we have the dreamer of the Zodiac. The Pisces mind is deep and creative. They just look in to your eyes and seem to know everything about you, but don't worry, they are shockproof. There is not much in this world that will shock this sign, they have such a deep understanding for the human nature and this is one of the reasons they are very good psychologists both professionally and privately. Sometimes they may get carried away in daydreams, especially if reality becomes too much to handle. They do have a tendency to escape when they feel threatened because their hearts are very vulnerable and soft. But it is the heart of a Pisces that also is the strength of this sign, you may have to search for long to find such a kind spirit always ready to help out in times of crisis. Their intuition is very strong and you find many pshycics and mediums born in this sign.

By: Alva