Aquarius – How do you know they are interested in you?

When they don’t seem to care
aqua Here we have a complicated sign when it comes to matters of love. They like most people and have friends all over the world. They are interested in most things and even though they may be interested in you, it may be hard to detect what kind of interest it is. It is actually when it seems like they don’t like you that there may be something deeper than just friendly feelings. They want to know everything about you but will keep their own intensions secret. There will come a day though when they cannot keep that secret anymore and the chance of it happening is especially close when they think that they are loosing your interest, only then will they open up. When an Aquarian finally opens their heart, they are sure that you are the one for them, so no empty words or promises here, this is one of the most sincere signs of them all.

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