About Cancer

Cancer – Sensitivity is your strength
You love to be at home and to feel secure. You can not let a matter rest until it is solved, regardless if it’s about an empty fridge, bills that have not been payed or a conflict with your loved ones. There is something very soft and friendly with you that makes people feel relaxed and at ease in your company. You do have your moods and when a dark cloud enters your mind you tend to make sure that every one knows how you feel. When it comes to love you can be the warmest partner ever but if your feelings are hurt, you return in to your shell and stay out of reach until they beg for forgiveness. This is just a defence mechanism since your inside is so soft and vulnerable for hurt. Family and loved ones are lucky to have you around, they will be protected and cared for in the most sincere way. You are deeply emotional and intuitive.

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