What’s the thing about Libras?

I would like to tell you all about something quite interesting that has occurred lately on the Tarot line. As you may know, last month and the end of September was the time when Libras were born. During this time I have had several clients calling me and asking me about whether they should send a birthday wish to that special Libra that they just cannot forget. In most cases it has been a person who they did not talk to for a while and I have adviced them to do so. First of all because life does indeed reward action in one way or another and second of all, a birthday wish is a very good reason to get in touch with people whom one has not talked to for a while. It is a way that could “break the ice” as well at it is a nice gesture. So what is it with those Libra people that creates the distance but yet an unforgettable urge to get in touch with them again? I don’t know, personally I have not been interested in a Libra but according to my clients they have not been able to forget them due to that special feeling and connection between them. There is something distant yet a magnetic presence with Libras that creates a mystery around them. Just wanted to share this with you all as it is not only one or two clients but many more who are asking about the same thing….