Weekend in pics and clothes

This website is not at all about clothes or fashion but here comes some pics that touches the subject anyway for once, sometimes one needs some “surface” as well for balance especially as Friday was spent in a hospital (nothing serious but a minor operation but scary enough though).

Saturday night before dinner at friends place. (The horrible lamp in the background was here when I moved in, need to buy a new one asap, painfully aware of it. A loose summery shirt with those new sandals and stretchy jeans, relaxed and comfortable.

On my way to a picnic on Sunday. A heat wave wave was awaiting that I could not imagine…A one pieced top and shorts with the sandals from yesterday. The one piece was too hot though, might work for cooler days.

Someone is in seroius need of some color…

Fantastic ambience, like mediteranian but just around the corner in fact!