Visited a Hindu temple today

In a neighborhood in the not most attractive area in Paris I found this Hindu temple. It is felt like a safe haven in the middle of this darker side of Paris. I’ve been renting a flat in this area for a week now and I have to say that I feel happy to go back home since I have not been able to go out alone at night. It is not nice to not feel free to walk in the streets, it is limiting and sad to see the difference between the posh areas and areas where drugs have taken over.Well I will be coming back to Paris in a couple of weeks since I found a flat to move in to permanently and I might even visit this Temple again as I found it to be both welcoming and inspiring. I find this temple to be similar to this picture of a Dandelion making it’s way through asphalt as it symbolises hope and strength. In the middle of toughness and hardship, the good becomes more clear and lets hope lead the way. Just like in art, contrasts bring out something clear and definable. What contrasts do you have in your lives and what does become clear? Worth to think about. Hope you have a nice Friday afternoon dear readers.