The small chocolate factory, my guest and Easter.

Found this cute little chocolate factory just a few blocks away from the Eiffel tower. Everything is made out of chocolate, even this egg:) So Easter is soon here and I am going to have a dear guest that comes to visit over the weekend. She comes all the way from Sweden and has never been in Paris before so I will have to plan which places to visit in order to make her stay as pleasant as possible. She likes chocolate so I will definately plan some visits to the best “Chocolatiers” in town. Also I have planned a breakfast at the local brasserie with a view over the Seine river where the view is amazing. Paris is known as the romantic city and I must admit that it is totally true. There is a romantic ambience that resembles the vibe in New York and Stockholm but yet it’s different, basically one has to be here to experince it. I will for sure take my guest to the Eiffel tower and after a maybe little bit of girly shopping at Champs Élysées. This spring and summer I will have many visitors here and this gives me the opportunity to get to know the city better myself as well. Next project is to find those little second hand stores in the less known areas as I do believe that the most interesting things might be found there…Will have to ask some friends and google my way to that. Happy Easter dear readers and hope that you have a lovely time with lots of chocolate eggs and sunshine!