The romantic and bizarre city

I’m thinking of the beauty that surrounds me today. Take a look at this picture on the left for instance that I took on Sunday during a walk by the Louvre. When I open the curtains in the morning I see a beautiful river outside and people crossing the bridge that I live next to. It would be so nice to paint a little bit more again… The oil colours are still somewhere in a box after moving though. Never considered myself to be a workaholic but maybe I should. I love to work though as long as I do something I like. Some Parisians and Paris as a city are a mystery though. What I mean is the perfection and the stunning beauty of the city compared to the attitude of some people that I met. Like for instance the guy on the bike that was shouting some really bad words because I was crossing the street (note that the light for pedestrians was green) and he felt like he had the right to almost run his bike over me plus insult me. That is a true contrast to the city and the interesting thing here is that I feel that the city has a life of it’s own, far away from negativity. That’s great in a sense since one can see the beauty as something separated from the negative things that life sometimes brings. The ability to separate and then appreciate is a strength and it’s all good. I cannot see the bad things in this picture on the left but I’m sure that it’s there somewhere, just not in my picture and that’s all good.

Ps. Most Parisians are very nice:)