Sweden here I come!

I decided to visit Sweden for a couple of weeks. France is very nice indeed but I do miss Sweden more than a lot. It is going to be another Alva tour around the country and maybe even a short trip to Oslo in Norway. Most of my clients are norwegian and I am almost ashamed to say that I never been in Norway…My impression of the norwegians is that they are very genuine and kind. The woman on the left is my good friend and colleague Rauni who is one of the people who I am going to visit in Sweden. It is Rauni who suggested a trip to fellow country Norway. Check more info about Rauni here and here. I will be starting off in Stockholm then going south west towards Gothenburg and then north east to Dalarna. Just checked out the prices for train tickets which are absolutely crazy!! My flight ticket from France is half the price of what the train tickets will cost in Sweden…oh la la…..