Sunny Sunday and a volcanic ash sky

Worrying about the volcanic ash cloud that has stopped the flights in Europe. As you may have seen in my earlier post, I have a long trip ahead of me that is supposed to start on Tuesday but now everything may change. Trying to find alternative routes to fly to Doha but as the cloud is suddenly supposed to take a southern turn, I really don’t know what to do! Well, I do have the feeling that it will all work out, it is better to stay optimistic. The sun was shining through that ash cloud today anyway. I do feel that we are going to face a lot of changes in the world and that nature is going to surprise us with a lot of things like this. I feel that 2010-2013 are going to be quite unstable years for nature. It is like the world is behaving like an angry giant and forcing us to listen. I will be keeping an eye on the weather forecast for France tonight that’s for sure and that is all I can do at the moment, just like so many others of you out there. Good night and let’s keep our fingers crossed:)