Passionate about turquoise

Suddenly I just had to bring in some turquoise colour into my office, just had the need to do it. September was a interesting but hectic month on the Tarot lines so this might be the reason. So today I’m answering Tarot line calls in a turquoise ambience. There is something very smooth and classy about this colour that makes me think that I should add more of it at home. A painting maybe? Turquoise gives us energy in times of mental stress, tiredness or when one feels lonely. I do not feel lonely but I did need that little energy boost today. Try and focus on the colour turquoise and you will feel the calmness within. It is a great colour for healing and to recharge your energy levels after a day of hard work. My turquoise candles are scented so not only do they bring their beauty into this room but as well a lovely scent of the Hibiscus flower:) Wish you all a harmonious and calm turquoise day!