Here is a picture of Pantheon in Paris. Passed by this amazing building on my way to a restaurant last night. Looks pretty magical doesn’t it? Here is some more info (taken from the site: As with most famed buildings, the Pantheon Paris has its unique story. The reason the it was was built was to replace the damaged Sainte-Genevieve church under the orders of Louis XV who was putting this monument up asa gratitude to God after his health had recovered. Soufflot was chosen for accomplishing the task. He wanted to have the Gothic style combined with the classical structure. Because of financial problems, Soufflot could not finish the building during his life; he died before seeing it completed and his pupil who finished it, did not exactly have thesame ideas of his master and made some changes. However there is little doubt that this building is one of the greatest neoclassical monuments and a true masterpiece.