My definition of luck and perspectives

I have been thinking about luck today. My definition of luck is that I have no real definition. It is abstract and subtle. I had a slight accident last weekend on the scooter. Nothing broken, just some wounds and a visit at the emergency. Was I lucky that it wasn’t more serious than that? Yes, of course I was. Was I unlucky to have this accident in the first place, well yes to that too. There was sawdust on the road probably from a farmers truck and the road was slippery like ice. In a bigger picture I was extremely lucky, in a smaller picture I wasn’t since the dinner plans were distroyed, I ended up at the emergency with a hospital and taxi bill. Some bad luck one could say but that sounds so wrong in a bigger sense. I guess the definition of luck varies depending on the perspective one puts it in just like anything else in life. Is it good to live life with a big perspective or a small one? In this particular case a big perspective is of course the preferable one, the fact that I and the person driving with me were not badly injured. Sometimes you appreciate the small things in life like that coffee in the morning and a tasty croissant, they are a part of life, they are your life. So the small and the big perspective are both important, depending on the situation. We should not miss out on those small things that brightens up the day but on the other hand we should not focus too much on the small things that get in the way in everyday life (like a wounded leg or cancelled dinner plans!). I still do not know what luck really is but I know that I prefer to adjust my perspective to fit the positive energies in every situation, big or small. Like a chameleon one could say.