Inlägg av vår Spådam Sophia om tvillingsjälar



SophiaochWatsonHello beautiful souls,
As some of you here know already, I am a sacred relationships coach – twin flames – soulmates – karmics. I felt strongly driven today to write an article about this particular relationship called "twin-flames". What is a sacred relationship? How can I make the difference between the three labels? How can I recognise my true twin flame? These are questions that have been adressed to me lately by many of you and I will answer here as well, for you and other people to get in contact with this information more clearly.

First of all: have you ever felt that strong pull toward a person that you barely know? A stranger that you saw or heard and immediately felt like you knew that person since years ago? Have you felt an intense connection, so strong that you can barely breathe when you enter in contact with? Also, have you noticed that since you've met this person, your life began to change and you felt drawn to get more in contact with the spiritual world, with your inner Self? You might have even change your physical appearance, and that not intentionally?
Then, you might be in what was called to be a twin flame relationship. The label was created in order to describe this specific and so different type of connection, that sometimes we are afraid to talk about because we don't feel that we are actually understood. And you are right!

No person that hasn't been in this type of relationship  can understand the power of the bond and this type of love. And I am not saying that is superior or inferior, because it isn't. The reason is because very few people are actually into a genuine twin flame relationship. This kind of pure unconditional love that we feel for the other person has nothing to do with any other romantic relationship that we ever felt before, it's all but that. It's a strong bond (the strongest ever known so far) between two people that, as it is described, were created as an unique soul and that this same soul chose to divide into feminine and masculine and have an experience in two different bodies. Notice that it is not necessary that the feminine polarity has to be in a feminine body. It can also be in a masculine one, and the same for the masculine polarity. They can even be in two bodies of the same sex. This type of relationship usually comes with hard challenges to be overcome : big age gap, living on two different continents, different cultures or races.

This, in order for the two persons to not enter into Union too soon, clear the old templates, the old beliefs, the ego based fears like fear of rejection, abandonment and so on, clear all the "luggage" (karma) from previous lives independently from each other. But there can always be exceptions. Every twin flame couple is unique and has an unique path. For example, I've been given to observe that most of the times the first that realises this connection is the feminine.The masculine also feels it, but he/she doesn't function as the feminine, therefore they will try to ignore it, even run from it, as the intensity of the connection, the synchronicities that happen from the first week is too strong and can be frightening. The masculine was always thought that being vulnerable is a weakness, so by feeling this strong bond, they feel weak, and the first instinct is to run from it. This is when the feminine becomes the "chaser", and so we have what is called " the twin flame dynamic", the "runner" and the "chaser", "the push and pull". When actually, and I will talk about it in a future article, they are both runners and chasers, because of the mirroring principle were everything that one does the other mirrors.

The twins are the perfect mirrors of each other. And that is why this type of relationship can become, if you don't know how to handle it, one of the most painful experiences that we, as humans, were ever given to live. The period of time coming after the running – chaser dynamic had "installed " is what we agreed to call in the twin flames community  " the dark night of the soul ". It is all about purging all the fears and old templates (of ourselves or/and our twin).It is, in the first place, a highly awakening personal journey. When we resist to the changes that it brings into our lives, our souls will try to bring us on the "right path" , the one we chosed when we incarnated on Earth.The soul's way to help us understand where we have to be is through soul pain, that we may experience until we are ready to be where we are meant to be and stop hiding from ourselves.

Accepting who we really are, with our qualities and defaults, with our light side and the shadow one. Accepting the others as well,as no one is perfect, but everyone is trying to be the best version of itself every single day. We are all "perfectly imperfect".
I hope this helped someone out there, that some of you identified in what I wrote and that you will let yourself guided by your intuition in order to realise if this is really your case as well. Always take what resonates with you .
Of course , I am available to guide you on this special journey of sacred love whenever you need me, being myself a twin flame and helping twins to get into union since more than a year now!

Many blessings and love, wishing you an amazing week!


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