Inlägg av spådamen Sophia

LionHello beautiful souls! Feeling the energy shift of this Lion's Gate? Isn't it amazing? Remember, if you want a King besides you, be a Queen! You have all the tools, connect to your guides, connect to your Higher Self, connect to your Divine Essence, see yourself for who you really are, there is All you want and All your Soul needs just Ask for It! Tell the Universe today: I Am Ready! I am ready to be ready to be ready to be ready! 🙌Universe I am ready to receive what I have asked for, I am ready to embody who I really am! I am ready to acknowledge my power, my faults, my gifts! I am ready to Love! I am ready to feel worthy of love! I am ready to feel lovable because I Looooove myself! I love myself for all the good and the worse things I've done, for the Force I found to overcome all the challenges, for all the love I'm giving without expecting anything in return! I am Ready! ***from Sophia and Guides, with Love***