Inlägg av Sophia

Jupiter in Scorpio: how to use this transit?

Scorpio is the sign of transformation, of death and rebirth,the 8th house – the infinity symbol which recalls the cycles. Jupiter acts like a magnifier on everything that is in the subconscious and you want to be revealed, like going into the deep and pointing out the light on precise "memories".

Talking of memories : pay attention to your dreams and also to your awakened state, lots of memories of places people and situations that seem from this life might not be, as recalling being visiting a place that you've actually didn't in this life but you can recall it in details.. They might seem so vivid that you don't even realise they didn't even happened in this life..

Remember what were the things you were doing as a child that didn't had any sense?As an example, I was saying my name wasn't right, I understood English without actually hearing it talked in my house, I was drawing clothes from the XVII-th century without actually ever seen any but it just felt being a part of who I was, and the list can continue.. You often grow up subconsciously having those memories, coming in contact with them in your dream space, through vivid dreams.

All these fears-phobias you have now might also come from those past lives, where those things might've happened. Let Jupiter help you let go of them by understanding their source and healing it once for all. For the twin flames this is a massive experience to have as you are able to dive deep into your past live relationship with your twin, recall how the many lives you've passed together ended and how the fear of loosing them again is affecting your present life, creating a block for your Union. On a physical level, you might have the memories of wounds that you've never had in this life. Many blessings! Sophia