Inlägg av Sophia – Full Moon Tarot


Me and Alvas cat Watson

FULL MOON Tarot 🐬Knave of Cups. Prepare for the energy of excitement to be with you during the Full Moon. Today marks someone entering your life. Or a new situation that will open doors, new opportunities will happen. Embrace it wholeheartedly.

For some of you, a new romantic partner will appear in your life. Or if you’re already in a long-term relationship, today’s the best day to be honest with your communication. Use the full moon energy to start your relationships and friendships fresh. Today is the beginning of a new phase. The Knave of Cups also symbolizes being artistic and intuitive. You may experience a brand new psychic experience today. You may also feel emotional turmoil. So be careful of your emotions.

Do your best to keep calm and remain in a positive state of mind. You may feel too sensitive today, while that’s good to heighten your insights, always keep your protection stones or crystals to avoid emotional breakdown. The Page of Cups is a beacon of light. Never be afraid to show yourself so others may see you. So new people can enter and find you. So your psychic powers can open up and your higher self can show you the truth. You are ready to accept new opportunities. Keep that nurturing energy within you. Like the Page of Water, you have swum farther out into the waters. Because you are brave. Be open for new love, romance, and career to take place.