Inlägg av Sophia


Hello beautiful souls! I have felt drawn to pick a oracle card for us to see how the energies are going to feel these next days, as we are ending the month of August and approaching September. The guides are telling you that you are in a transition time, not really out and not really in a situation yet. Between the world is where you must let go of the tendency to make assumptions. This is the time when you are unable to see what is ahead. This is the time also to cultivate curiosity and to trust the process of change and growth. You are now done learning the lessons of recent experiences. Here now in this place between what was and what will be is a state of flow of action. What is essential now is to admit that you do not know everything.The seeds that were planted in the past begin to take root. When you are between the worlds you’re invited to see with the curious eyes of a child watching a rainbow for the first time. Do so and you will not be disappointed. For relationships this is the time to explore the new energy between you and your significant other. It is not a moment for certainty but rather for discovery and curiosity. Allow yourself to explore who you are and what is reflected back to you. This relationship is meant to educate you about yourself. What do you need? What do you like or dislike? What values are important to you? In your work it’s a good time to bet on your skills and talents in new and different arenas. Remain curious and with the right combination of timing and luck you will stumble upon something golden that will be unlike anything you’ve known before. Wish you many blessings and much love, Sophia