Home sweet home

Happy flowers in the shower
Voila a smiling fresh flower:)

Been waiting to have some time at home and not travel for a while. Knowing that I will be at home for a while feels calming as the travels have been fun but hectic. As I now have more time at home I thought I’d do some small things here while waiting for your calls like giving my flowers a little makeover:) I’ve cutted away old leaves and showered all of my dear green friends and judging by the look of them today, it did them good. Remember that old leaves and sad flowers is very bad Feng Shui so if you got some sad flowers at home, give them a little more time and care:) Plants in Feng Shui represent good luck and fortune. Love, purity, longevity and wealth are all tied to plants as well. Plants and flowers symbolize health and growth either personally or in the spirit. Some good luck flowers include magnolias, iris, peony, lotus, and chrysanthemum and plum blossoms. Next is to go and buy another flower that will give my hallway a little lift. The problem is to find a flower that is survives with just a little bit of light…Off to the shop to try and find that now! Will be back on the lines at 18.00, talk to you soon:)