Good night

Dear Readers,
Hope you are well. I was just wondering how long It’s ok to keep the Christmas tree and decoration after Christmas? Read now that It’s all supposed to be cleared out on the 13th of January but I’m hesitating, think I’ll keep it a little longer, I just do not want to let go. Letting go is by the way one of the most common problems that I try to solve on the Tarot lines with my clients. Letting go of that person who one cannot forget or letting go of a relationship that no longer is what it once was seems to be difficult for humans. Maybe It’s a survival instinct to hold on to things no matter what. Sometimes holding on to something turns in to victory as well so It’s highly individual from case to case. Only you know if you feel that it is worth to hold on to your situation, I’m here to help in any case. By the way two of my clients expressed that they had difficulties reaching me on the phone although I’ve been logged in so please let me know if you experienced problems while trying to reach me, send me an email here in that case. Good night!
PS. The next full moon will be on: Monday 9th January 2012, 08:30:06 am, Central European Time (CET).