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Hi Alva!
“Thank you for the reading:)”


Dear Alva,
“Thank you so very much! I found the reading to be extremely helpful and encouraging.”
Kind regards,

Dear Alva

Your reading for me really give me hope. And i think that you are quite right about me and my situation.Cant thank you enough! Thank you for caring! I hope you can help people this way for a very long time!
You are the best!   Big Hug/Monica

Dear Alva!

Thank you! It wasn´t exactly the answer I was hoping for, but you gave me hope!
It is so nice of you to do this . Give people a little bit of hope when they need it.
Happy Easter/

just want to say thank you so much!

your answer really helped me.

I think you definitely hit the right spot.

Will come back for more readings. =)

Thank you for the reading…

It did make a lot of sense to me…
I need your service yet again.

I was very happy with the reading…

It gave me some thoughts and more questions.

thanks a lot Alva

it is worth thinking all you wrote and everything you saw about my relationship is the true.

You do really make me feel that I am not all alone and you always help me (even though we never meet) Thank you so much.

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