Back home

Dear readers!
It’s wonderful to be back home. Paris has also said goodbye to summer just like Stockholm had but it’s ok, it’s my first autumn in Paris and I really like it in fact. Every city have their own special vibe during the different seasons and I’m getting to know the Parisian one now. I would describe the Parisian autumn vibe as magical, mystical and full of surprises! In order to enjoy it to the fullest I will take Saturday afternoon off and drive around in the city with the Scooter. Will update my little trip with some pics to share with you:) Another thing that I like is the fact that I’ve had a lot of calls and reading requests from regular clients as well as new ones. I like to hear the latest news from you and try to help you out with advice and some forecasts. Now It’s time for some errands like calling the Swedish magazine Veckorevyn to discuss advertising before the phone starts to ring:)