Astrology talk

When asked about goals in life the the different signs might say:

Aries: “I have so many projects that I’m working on and aiming to succeed so I have no time to talk about it now! Have you seen my glasses by the way? I lost them for the hundred time..”

Taurus: “I wan’t to be able to feel secure. I’m going to build that special house and I will work hard to reach that goal. I’m getting up at 5am and working until 9pm every day, maybe it isn’t enough?”

Gemini: “I don’t know, it changes from one day to the other. Yesterday I wanted to study geography at the university but now I might go for math…but on the other hand languages is something I might go for instead or why not writing…hmm wait, dont leave! I’m not done!”

Cancer: “I want to find the love of my life, I’ve been so hurt and will never put myself through a bad relationship again (a tear falling down slowly)”

Leo: “Do you have time for a long answer? I know exacly what I’m going to do and how to do it. You are going to be amazed.”

Virgo: “I wan’t to make people more aware of things, nobody pays attention to the small details anymore and this is why the world is looking the way it is. Like that coffee stain on your blouse, I’ve got the perfect washing powder that removes it in one second”

Libra: “I wan’t things to be fair and equal in the world but I cannot choose which way to proceed to fight for it, what if I choose the wrong way, how fair is that towards all the people out there who are waiting for the world to be a better place?”

Scorpio: “I’ve got ideas but you better find out what they are if you dare…”

Sagittarius: ” I want to travel around the world atleast three times. I want to drive the fastest car, find the meaning of life and create wings to fly. I also want to own a cirkus and create my own religion.”

Capricorn: “I want to be respected by people that I respect but they do not see me now but trust me, they will. I want to climb up to the highest hill even if it takes a lifetime to do so and wave down at them with a little smile on my face.”

Aquarius: “I’m going to Mars, planning on getting there in 2038”

Pisces: “I want to help people in need and be there for everyone thet needs me. You seem a bit sad are you ok?”