Answering reading requests and waiting for phone calls

It his very quiet on the Tarot line today although I have an ad in the Norwegian newspaper called Dagbladet…Some days are like that and some days are very hectic. Usually these advertising days means work the entire day and night. Feels like there is a collective force that makes people call at the same time. Today that force tells my clients to do other things maybe:) I cannot go to the gym either because I still have a soar throat and some fever. Well I had a couple of reading requests and therefore the candle is lit as well as the candle holder with the scented oil called Teck & Tonka (my favourite). I think I’ll have a glas of freshly pressed lemon juice (as it’s supposed to help) because my voice is hardly recognisable as it is now and my new clients that call due to the Dagbladet ad will wonder what kind of monster this Alva is….