Anna gives some advice about food habits

Hello again! My name is Anna and I am a health educationist giving you tips on how to be healthier! I would like to talk about food habits and how to change some of them. One mistake that I have come across a lot is that some people eat a small breakfast, or nothing at all, eat no lunch and then eat a lot for dinner. When your body has to wait for a long time for food it thinks it is starving and then it will want to store all the food it gets for dinner. That means you won’t be burning off a lot of that food. It is not only bad for your weight that you do this but also your brain needs energy through out the whole day to function properly. The better solution is to eat a good fulfilling breakfast and not to miss any other meals. In between the meals you should have a smaller snack, a fruit or sandwich for example. If you divide your food intake over several meals of the day it will prevent you from eating too much and craving for sweets.If you want to make a change in your eating habits you have to make sure that you make reasonable goals for yourselves and plan to make changes that you can keep. With this being said you should not start with a diet for example. First of all it is not something you can or want to keep doing for the rest of your life, and second of all they are not good for you in many different ways. The food you eat has to have carbohydrates, protein and fat but you should choose “good fat” instead of “bad fat”. Tip: To reduce your craving for sweets or other bad foods, have a chewing gum or eat a fruit! My favorite fruit this time of year is the Satsuma, so sweet and very yummy!