Alvas star sign observations – Virgo

What I have noticed about the Virgo personality is that theese people usually are very helpful. They are good friends and love to give advice. The Virgo usually has quite a lot of fixed ideas about how things should be done and never have I heard a Virgo say that they don’t know the answer to question! They have a soft side but you better take a closer look to see it. This is an intelligent sign that is quite ambitious. The home is a very important place for them and it is filled with things that have a special value to them. They have a clear opinion about by what they like and do not like and they certainly make sure everyone around knows about it. One thing that I have not seen being mentioned about Virgo is their talkative side and their need for attention. I have to say that this sign talks sometimes as much as Gemini and needs to be seen as much as a Leo. This is an earth sign but there is a lot of fire here in the way they express themselves and in their energy level which usually is very high.