Alvas star sign observations – Scorpio

The Scorpio either loves or hates, wins or looses or is hot or cold. That might sound a bit confusing but it’s not, they are rarely anything in between, that’s all. My experience of this sign is that they do not live life in the grey zone. This sign has often a fantastic ability to sense things and they are highly intuitive. Scorpios are full of energy, and they can channel it in both positive and negative directions and may become vengeful and unable to let go of their troubles. They are also driven and faithful. In a relationship a Scorpio demands a lot of attention and if that need is not fulfilled one can be sure that it will show…on the other hand they do give as much as they take. This is a highly competetive sign and loosing is not in their vocabulary, a defeat is simply not accepted. They are able to mask their true intentions when needed so only someone with a lot of Pisces aspects in their horsocope might detect what they really are after. Scorpios great strength stands in their dedication to completing projects and not allowing themselves to get bored from their assignments which helps them accomplish everything they want to. Their force make Scorpios one of the most powerful signs of the Zodiac.