Alvas star sign observations – Libra

The Libra seeks for balance and harmony, not only for them selves but also for others, and they strongly dislike arguments and fighting. They are diplomatic and respectful and often act as mediators. The Libra loves to communicate and is very social and outgoing, which gives them a great skill of making new contacts. In my experience they are good natured and always want to give a good impression of themselves. I would say that the Libra is most definitely a thinker who does not take sides or make decisions before knowing all the up and down sides. Enjoying life is a big part of them and they like happy and festive surroundings and putting time on relaxation, beauty, social life and good food and drinks. Though I have noticed that this can sometimes make them lazy and they need to be motivated again to get things done. This is a very loving and caring sign that has a big need for love and affection, they have a weakness for compliments. For these reasons the Libra loves to be in a relationship and very seldom stays alone. Encouragement and fellowship is also important for the charming and kind Libra.