All those good things with just a lemon

1. Detox and Beauty: Adding lemon to water, and drinking the combo throughout the day is great for your body and for your skin. Both lemon and water are important in eliminating toxins. Further, because lemon acts as an alkalizing agent in your body, it helps to neutralize the PH levels in your body.

2. Digestive System: Lemons can stimulate your digestive system, helping it to eliminate waste. Specifically, drinking hot water with lemon juice can help to alleviate nausea, heartburn, constipation, hiccups, and even, parasites. Further, when lemon is mixed with hot water and olive oil, it may help dissolve gallstones.

3. Immune System: Lemon is high in Vitamin C, and as a result, is wonderful at strengthening the immune system.
Infection Fighter: Because of its antibacterial and antiviral properties, lemon can be used topically to help fight infection and increase healing. If you can stand the sting, lemon also helps to stop bleeding.

4. Hair Maintenance: Lemon is great for removing product build up in hair. Further, it is a natural and cheap way to create highlights. Squeeze 1/2 lemon into wet hair and comb it through; and then sit out in the sun for an hour. Brunettes tend to see golden or red highlights, while blonds become lighter.

5. Insect Repellent/After-Bite Soother: Lemon can be used topically and sprayed in your garden to help ward off mosquitoes and flies. Further, if you are stung by a bee or wasp, you can use it on the bite to help relieve the pain.

To regularly reap the benefits of lemon, try adding it to your water and drink it throughout the day. This is a much more healthful drink than sodas, or flavored waters. (Source: Wellsphere).