About Sophia

LauraProfileSophia is a natural born intuitive and channel of the spirit realm, with a background in psychology and music teaching. Growing up, she realised that during her sleep she could receive premonitory informations and was given the tools to begin healing herself and her family. Years later she became a certified reiki master, studied crystal therapy, shamanism, voice therapy and other healing tools, that she mixes as she feels guided in order to help people to find balance in their bodies and lives. She had two near death experiences that brought her to a closer understanding of the spiritual realm. Her work as an official holistic therapist in Paris where she lives began 8 years ago in a specialised oncology hospital where she worked with the doctors and helped several patients to overcome cancer. Sophia believes that helping people is a given divine mission and has specialised her service in the sacred relationships, twin flames , soulmates or karmic partners.

Clients in Norway: call Sophia for readings: 820 959 60 (Kr.26/Min)

Clients in Norway and Sweden: Write to Sophia for other readings (written, video, Skype, voice) here or email to: postmaster@medium-alva.com (write Sophia in the subject field). Click here for prices and reading options.