5 frågor till spådamen Sophia


1. What is the most common questions that you get on the lines?

50% of the time questions regarding relationships like :
“ is it worthy to wait for my ex to come back?
Or: will i meet someone new?

The other 50 % is people just wanting to check in with their guides on a general level, like :

“can you tell me if there’s something to be careful about next week?”
“Can you ask my guides if they have something to tell me?”
“Can I have a message from a loved one that passed away?”

2. How do you work? Meaning, do you use cards etc?

I’ve always worked without any other medium than my own intuition, but I began using cards a few years ago just because there are clients that love having a visual representation of the messages when reading in person but mostly because the art on some of my favourite decks keeps inspiring me and help me connect on another level than any other medium.

3. What do you think about information that one gets without speech? Meaning sensing things, dreaming about things that become true in reality etc?

I think humans had this sense very developed in the past and sadly we’ve lost it along with the evolution. We all have this capacity it’s only a question of training, of remembering, like sports by example. One can not be good at something as long as he didn’t do it for at least 100 times. Some of us came with the “doors” a little more open than others but it is still a skill that can be developed.

4. Would you consider yourself being psychic?

I do have developed psychic abilities yes, I had them since I’ve been 3-4 years old when I had two non-incarnated friends, that called themselves “my guardians”.
The abilities began to really go stronger around 12 yo when I would sense that we were going to have an earthquake or another calamity (or dream about it) or sometimes in a discussion I would bring up informations about people that I wouldn’t normally be able to know and scare them!
The healing gift came as well back then, when I was left out of the hospital because of a very bad breathing insufficiency that- as doctors said- was going to kill me in about 24 hours (i was born with two white wings-like “stains” on my lungs that were preventing me from breathing if I would lay on my back). I remember being healed during the night by the guardians and since then I never had those issues that kept me in bed for the first 12 y of my life .
Now- well it is a part of who I am and I use and keep developing it every day!

5. What would you say is your motto in life?
It is more a saying:

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” A. Einstein

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