5 frågor till Hope

HopeProfilbildRender1. What is your driving force in life? Being a sound board for others, especially when it comes listening to your intuition. When clients feel like they are not tuned in, I like to remind them to “vibrate above the veil”. Teaching people to listen to your inner voice and your Angel guides who are always protecting you every step of the way!

2. What can you do to achieve your life goals in the best way? Create a safe sacred space for yourself. This is the most important thing I tell my clients all the time. We live in a day and age where we don’t really have privacy. We need to establish boundaries in all aspects of our life, to manifest our true desires. Having a strong self care routine, self awareness and goals, will create the inner power in you, that you knew you always had,

3. Whats your star sign and do you think the description of your zodiac sign is consistent with the way you are? I’m a tried and true Cancer. I love to nurture,cook and nest wherever or whoever I’m with. Cancers are very intuitive and can read a room before walking in. We sense emotions so quickly in others. That’s why working with clients is so great, because having the extra sixth sense really helps guides you to what you already knew deep down. It just takes our loving and nurturing nature to bring it out!

4. How do you like to work as a tarot reader? With care, love and understanding. Working with the Angel Oracle is such a nurturing, loving path. Working with clients in all aspects of their life, showing them grace with the Oracle, is the most rewarding experience.

5. Why should I contact you for guidance? If you are looking for readings that give clarity, guidance and empowerment, contact me. I am here to listen to the situation at hand and give you the road map to what’s next. Then from there you feel in control and ready to be the driving force with positive changes in your world!

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